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Why You Need To Take Zinc Seriously If You Want Clear Skin

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Vitamin & mineral deficiencies can really impact your health, which can impact your SKIN. Zinc is widely known for its connection to acne… while a zinc deficiency can potentially cause acne.

Zinc is a superstar mineral that we all need, yet according to the World Health Organization, about 30% of the global population is zinc deficient!

But what’s more is that people with acne are known to have up to 24% less zinc than people with healthy skin!

Zinc levels go down as acne severity goes up. Oh boy…

But there’s really good news! Supplementing with zinc can help reduce acne by up to 50%. That’s FIFTY PERCENT!!! A whole FIFTY PERCENT?!

I think I got your attention.

How Do You Know You’re Zinc Deficient?

Here are some symptoms and causes of zinc deficiencies:

  1. Acne & Rashes — low levels of zinc have been linked to skin problems. If you’re experiencing pimples, then chances are you are low on zinc.
  2. Attention and Motor Disorders — zinc helps improve attention, and focus.
  3. Low Immune Function — zinc is vitally important for healthy immune function! Not only is it responsible for T-cell growth and differentiation into the white blood cells that we need to protect us from disease, but it also boosts apoptosis (“programmed cell death”) which kills dangerous bacteria, viruses and even cancer cells. Zinc is also vital for gene transcription, the first step of gene expression and protective functions of our cell membranes!
  4.  Thinning Hair — a zinc deficiency is associated with hypothyroidism caused by adrenal fatigue, and can result in you losing more of your lovely locks.
  5.  Leaky Gut — is responsible for nutrient malabsorption, including that of zinc. Supplementing with zinc can help tighten the gut and help it become impenetrable again. Chances are if you eat a lot of grains — rice, pasta, breads, cookies — that you have impaired mineral absorption and are low in this important mineral. Learn about how to heal your gut here.
  6. Chronic Stress — can lead to calcium, magnesium, and zinc deficiencies, because high cortisol levels cause poor mineral absorption. Learn how to lower stress by clicking here.

How Much Zinc Do You Really Need?

In order to treat a full-blown zinc deficiency, you’re going to need about 30mg of zinc a day for 90 days. The most bioavailable form of zinc is zinc picolinate.

But there’s a large BUT here.


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Zinc cannot be taken on an empty stomach otherwise, you’ll feel nauseous. For this reason, I take zinc before bed so that I sleep through any potential nausea OR I take it with food – never on an empty stomach!!

I happen to take 50mg of zinc a day because I have Leaky Gut. This means that even though I take 50 mg, it’s unlikely that I actually absorb all 50mg.

However, besides a good zinc supplement, you can also eat food rich in zinc to help get your zinc levels up.

Zinc-Containing Foods For Clear Skin

Eat these foods for clear skin:

1. Pumpkin seeds – 
1/2 cup: 8.4 mg (57% DV)
2. Grass-fed Beef – 4 oz: 5.2 mg (32% DV)
3. Lamb
 – 4 oz: 5.2 mg (32% DV)
4. Cashews – 
1/2 cup: 3.8 mg (25% DV)
5. Chickpeas (Garbanzo beans) – 
1 cup cooked: 2.5 mg (17% DV)
6. Chicken –
 4 oz: 1.6 mg (12% DV)
7. Spinach –
 1 cup cooked: 1.4 mg (9% DV)
8. Cocoa powder –
 1 Tbsp: 0.4 mg (2% DV)

Final Thoughts

Any kind of mineral or vitamin deficiency means your body will have to work harder and compensate and this can throw off many processes.

It’s important to eat a whole food diet, heal your gut, and take care of yourself in order to have clear skin.

Please consider zinc for your health and the health of your skin.


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