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What ONE Thing Is Stopping You From Getting Clear Skin?

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Today I want to discuss why it is you don’t have clear skin YET. I mean you must have tried everything by now…but nothing seems to be working the way you want…

What a doozie.

The 3 Non-Negotiable Steps To Clear Skin

There are 3 very important steps to clear skin (it’s not Proactiv!!!), and they are extremely non-negotiable.

You can get clear skin if you do the following:

Skin Care – Have a gentle skincare routine that cleans your skin, treats it, and protects it.
Diet – Have a nourishing diet full of whole foods, healthy fats, lean proteins, and actually enjoy the food you eat mindfully and gratefully.
Mindset – Have a loving and supportive relationship with yourself.

If one of these steps is out of whack, then the whole thing falls apart.

Unfortunately, most people don’t realise that the only way to cure acne is by doing it all.

Are you doing all three? If you were, then you’d see amazing results.

Most people only change their skincare or their diet, and they usually do it wrong anyway…They expect miracles, and feel super disappointed and frustrated when they don’t see what they want to see.

Miracles only happen out of love and joy, not out of fear and frustration.

Skincare and diet are super important. But no matter how amazing your skincare and diet might be, if you don’t have a loving and supportive relationship with yourself, you can’t expect miraculous results


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I hear a lot of people complain on their skin-clearing journeys saying things like:

“I tried that cleanser, and my skin didn’t improve.”
“Do you use a chemical exfoliant, or moisturise?”
“No…I’m afraid to put anything on my skin.”

“I’ve been on a super strict diet for 2 months, and I am not really seeing the results that I want to.”
“Do you have a skincare routine?”
“Just jojoba oil…”

“There is a voice inside of me saying that this will not work/is not working and I should just go on Accutane and be over with it.”
“But don’t a lot of people get their acne back after being even on 4 rounds of Accutane?”
“Yes, I’ve heard that too.”
“Maybe it’s because they don’t do anything else to improve their health, and are looking for a quick fix.”

“I am probably one of those people that will have acne until the rest of my life…”

“I have been battling/struggling acne for a long time.”

“I’m so frustrated!!!”

“I’m crying all the time because of how bad my skin is. I don’t want to leave the house or see anyone.”

Listen up.

Acne is not as simple as doing ONE thing to get rid of it. Acne requires a 3-step solution, and if one of the steps is missing, then clear skin will just remain a distant dream.

You may hope and wish and pray that your skin care routine is going to fix things, but it won’t.

You may hope and wish and pray that your diet is going to fix things, but it won’t.

You may hope and wish and pray that the Accutane, birth control pills, or antibiotics will fix things — BUT THEY WON’T.

Why not?

The Most Overlooked Step

You don’t have clear skin because you’re missing the most important piece of the puzzle. This piece is vital.

It’s your mind.

Ask yourself, is my mind on my side?

Is it working for me, or against me? What kind of thoughts am I having all day? Are my thoughts intentional or just on autopilot? Am I supporting myself, or denigrating myself? How many times did I smile today? How much did I laugh? How grateful was I? How many moments brought me joy?

If you can’t find a way to love yourself unconditionally, speak to yourself positively, and support yourself in your healing then you can’t heal, and you won’t heal.

If you carry around beliefs like “I’ll be this way forever”, or “Nothing is working,” then this will be your reality.

Please read this article here about the power of your beliefs.

If your skincare routine is fantastic, and your diet is amazing, but you’re constantly sad and feeling crappy about yourself because you don’t recognize how incredible you are, then NOTHING will change.

If you continue using language like “acne battle” or “acne struggle” then you will continue to battle and struggle through it.

When we have acne, we forget about the stuff that really matters.

Your relationship with yourself MATTERS. This relationship is the most important relationship you will ever have. And it starts in your mind.

This relationship requires effort, but it’s totally worth it.

Positive Self-Talk

The way you talk to yourself, about yourself, about your life all determine your relationship with yourself — so it’s important to be extremely mindful of the language you use. It has to be loving, kind, and supportive to encourage healing and happiness.

You can’t just love yourself when things are easy…It’s when things are hard that you have to love yourself the most. So let’s start today.

Start by telling yourself EVERY SINGLE time you look in the mirror 3 very simple words, “I love you.

Want to take it to another level? Add the words, “and I accept you.

Want fireworks? Add the words, “I am perfect.

Want to keep improving this loving relationship? Add the words, “I am enough. I am safe to be myself. I am worthy of the best that life has to offer. I am grateful for all the love and joy in my life.


I love you and I accept you. I am perfect. I am enough. I am safe to be myself. I am worthy of the best that life has to offer. I am grateful for all the love and joy in my life.

Saying this once won’t do anything. If you’ve ‘battled’ with acne for years, then you’re going to need to repeat this message to yourself until you believe it wholeheartedly.

This message has to replace all the other ones that didn’t serve you.

Instead of thinking about your “struggle”, realise that every new moment is a chance to redefine yourself and your experience. Who you were, is not who you are.

You are quite literally not the same person you were a moment ago. This means you can start fresh. All. The. Time.

Yesterday’s relationship with yourself does not have to carry into today. Today is new! Today you are new!

History is History

My relationship with myself wasn’t perfect.

I used to be hugely fixated on my flaws, flaws that mostly existed in my own mind. But the more they existed in my mind, the more real they became.

I used to judge and criticise myself and tell myself that I need to be like this or like that.

I used to zero in on things I didn’t like about myself and feel bad about myself.

The result? Everything I feared and resisted became real.

Was it easy to reprogram myself? No. Did it change my life? Yes!

I’ve become better at being my own best friend, because my relationship with Olena became a priority.

Honestly, being kind to myself is a daily practice. I need to be vigilant every single moment of every single day, so as not to let a negative thought in…so as not to dwell on it, so as not to give it energy, so as not to give it power.

If I have a negative thought, I immediately tell myself how much I love myself.

If I am dealing with a difficult situation, I tell myself that it will all turn out great and that there’s nothing for me to worry about.

For me, my relationship with myself really was the missing step. No matter how well I took care of myself…I just didn’t see the results that I wanted because my thoughts and state of being didn’t align with the outcome.

I started not only loving myself, but practicing joy in every moment. Being joyful makes being nice to yourself even easier.

And with practice it does become easier. It becomes a habit, a part of you.

So with an amazing relationship with yourself, you can easily implement a fantastic skin care routine and a fabulously delicious diet into your life as a natural way of showing yourself that you’re totally in love with the being that you are. The only way to cure acne is through love.

And then you can expect miracles.


PS. I’m in the process of creating an online course that will take all the guesswork out of clear skin! Find out more about it here!