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The Root Cause Of Your Acne Doesn’t Matter

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You’ve scoured the internet looking for answers!! Why oh why are these pimples plaguing your face????

Is it chronic inflammation?
Leaky gut?
A hormonal imbalance?
Food sensitivities?
Insulin resistance?
A sleep deficit?
A shitty diet?
All those negative thoughts?
The self-loathing?
No skin care routine?
A skin-barrier-destroying super harsh skin care routine?
An oily pore-clogging skin care routine?

It can be one of the above, or it can be ALL of the above…They’re all fixable.

But I’m here to tell you that the cause of your acne is IRRELEVANT — it doesn’t matter.

What matters is HOW YOU TREAT YOURSELF. What matters is YOUR RELATIONSHIP with YOURSELF. This is what your skin is trying to teach you.

The cause of your acne isn’t what you should be worrying about because unsurprisingly, it will only result in more worry. You’ll become obsessed with finding the REASON, stressing about every single thing you do, eat, think.

You’ll be so stressed that your every thought and action will be rooted in FEAR.

Along the way, you’ll forget about the most important thing: your relationship with yourself.

Love Vs. Fear

I lived that way for too long, and it didn’t feel good.

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I was super strict with everything I did, and I wasn’t doing it with love. I was doing it out of fear.

I was feeding myself healthy food not as a sign of love for myself, but as a way to avoid the pain of seeing pimples on my face. The intention was not the same.

Are you avoiding gluten because you’re afraid of pimples? Or are you avoiding gluten because you love yourself more than anything in the universe and you want to do everything in your power to treat your beautiful vessel with absolute LOVE?

Regardless of the reason behind your pimples (and it’s usually a combination of things) what you should be doing is just trying to improve your quality of life OVERALL.

Starting with your relationship with yourself, including the thoughts you think, and ending with physical stuff you do to show yourself how much you love yourself like getting enough sleep, exercising regularly, taking your vitamins, using gentle skin care, and experiencing maximum JOY.


Ask yourself a simple question: How can I love myself more?

By working to improve your OVERALL quality of life!

You’ll inevitably balance your hormones, lower insulin resistance, experience less stress, experience more joy, because you’ll become more active, you’ll eat a healthier diet, you’ll have gentle and loving skin care routine, you’ll be thinking happier, more loving thoughts….

Once you SHOW yourself how much you love yourself, EVERYTHING IMPROVES.

I’m not a fan of targeting a specific area of your life and obsessing over it — I don’t think it’s the healthiest and most productive approach because it will ultimately stress you out and make the process unbearable.

You’ll jump from one culprit to the next, never happy.

It will become a total mind-game where you’ll be against YOURSELF.

Oh no, that cream I used yesterday is the cause of this pimple today!
(Read about how a pimple forms here)

Oh no, it must be the toxins I’ve accumulated that are breaking me out!
(Read about what detoxing really is and how it relates to your skin here)

Stop trying to fight an enemy, a culprit. There is NO enemy. There’s just YOU. You’re the most important piece of the puzzle. Take the focus off the enemy, and bring it onto YOU.

If you’re constantly worried about what you might be doing wrong, then you won’t enjoy the process of doing what’s RIGHT for you and your skin.

I’m all about the process actually BEING ENJOYABLE. The process is as important as the result. The journey should be as enjoyable as the destination.

If the process isn’t enjoyable, then what is the point?

Because joy is the secret sauce to clear skin…and well, even MAGIC. I keep saying it because it’s TRUE.

Final Thoughts

Don’t do things just because other people claim that they’re good for you. Listen to your own wisdom. What is YOUR body telling you?

Take care of yourself because you want to, because it’s the right thing for you, because it makes YOU feel good. Do it out of love.

I’m a total believer in healthy choices…meaning, healthy food choices, healthy supplement choices, healthy skin care choices, and healthy thought choices.

But choose because you want to, choose out of LOVE.

You have the power of CHOICE.

You get to choose what you want. So make sure the choice serves you…make sure that the intention behind the choices you make is a good one, rooted in love.

If that means you know that you have problems in your gut when you eat gluten or dairy, then stop eating gluten and dairy.

If your skin feels tight after that cleanser you use, and you know you should probably look for a gentler alternative, then find a gentler cleanser.

If you know that you’ve been thinking pretty nasty thoughts about yourself, then think KINDER thoughts.

If you want.

If it feels good.

Don’t just do it for some dude to like you more, or for people to find you more attractive. These intentions don’t make your healthy choices sustainable in the long-term.

Once you start doing things for yourself out of self-love…Once you start showing yourself how incredible you think you are…Then things will turn around in your favor and everybody will notice.