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The Best Protein For Clear Skin

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I’ve heard of collagen, I knew that our skin was made of it, but there was a LOT I didn’t know!

But the less we know, the less we do…

Turns out that collagen is LORD protein — it is the most abundant protein in your body. It’s found in pretty much every part of your body, which includes your muscles, bones, skin, blood vessels, gut, teeth, hair, and tendons…

Collagen is what gives your skin strength and elasticity and promotes new cell growth. Collagen is basically the glue that holds your body together, without which you’d be in big trouble.

Collagen protein is a complex protein, composed of 19 different amino acids. Proline and glycine are the primary types of amino acids found in collagen amino acid chains.

Proline and glycine are super important, and severely lacking in our “Western” diets… because we’re too grossed out to eat the whole animal, like our ancestors did!

That’s right, proline and glycine aren’t found in animal meat (steak?), but are mostly found in organ meats and ligaments…

What Glycine And Proline Do For You

Glycine makes up about a third of collagen and is the smallest amino acid with a huge punch! It builds healthy DNA strands, and slows the effects of aging by improving your body’s use of antioxidants.

As I mentioned in this article, keeping antioxidants high is very important for clear skin. Anything you can do to keep your antioxidants high, short of overdosing on them, is a good idea.


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Glycine also forms creatine which builds healthy muscles and boosts energy during workouts.

Proline makes up about 15% of collagen, and is responsible for the integrity of your blood vessels and joint health. It’s a biggie for your heart health too.

Other Important Amino Acids Found In Collagen

Arginine and glutamine are two other star amino acids found in collagen that are worth mentioning.

Arginine has been shown to improve immune function and increase circulation, both of which are important for clear skin. Healthy immune function means that your immune system has an easier time fighting intruders without resorting to crazy violence that creates red, swollen pimples.

Increased circulation is also amazing for better skin since your skin gets nutrients and oxygen from your blood. The better your circulation, the more nutrients and oxygen your skin gets, and the better it looks… It’s a beautiful cycle.

For men, arginine and increased circulation is said to improve the action of their nether regions too.

My personal favourite amino acid, and one that I add as a separate supplement to supplement my already diverse supplementation regimen is glutamine.

Glutamine is one of the most abundant amino acids in the body and is created within your muscles, AND can also be obtained from food and supplementation.

Glutamine is a boss amino acid because it does SO much cool stuff for your body including: preventing anxiety, improving sleep, releasing tension, improving concentration, improving digestive health, improving energy levels, and strengthening the immune system!

Glutamine also helps with wound healing (popped pimples, anyone?), but the main reason I take EXTRA Glutamine is to heal my gut.

This wonderful amino acid is a star at preventing and healing existing gut damage — common cause for acne… If you think you might need to heal your gut, read this article. Glutamine strengthens the intestinal lining, which helps keep intruders out of your blood stream, and prevents food sensitivities too.

What Can Collagen Do For you?

Here are just 5 good reasons why you need to introduce your body to collagen protein.

1. Collagen Gives You Amazing Skin, Hair, And Nails!

This study shows that oral supplementation with Collagen Protein improves skin elasticity and moisture retention, slowing down transepidermal water loss (which leads dryness and skin roughness), with little to no side effects. This makes collagen one of the best edible natural skin care ingredients ever!

Elasticity is important for good-looking skin. When you begin to lose elasticity because of decreased collagen, skin not only gets thinner, saggy and weak, but there’s another yucky side-effect: visible cellulite!

2. Collagen Helps You Glide Through Life!

If you ever feel stiff or if walking is difficult, this is probably because collagen levels are depleting, resulting in a degeneration between your joints…

Collagen prevents joint pain so that you can move easily, without pain or stiffness.

3. Collagen Helps Heal Leaky Gut!

Collagen protein helps with the digestion of proteins and carbs, and soothes your intestinal lining, healing damaged intestinal walls by infusing them with healing amino acids.

The biggest skin benefit of consuming more collagen protein is that it helps heal and strengthen your gut!

Collagen can also help treat leaky gut, IBS, acid reflux, Crohn’s disease, ulcerative colitis…

4. Collagen Makes You Leaner!

Collagen boosts lean muscle mass which actually boosts your metabolism! #skinnyminnie

One of glycine’s roles is helping form muscle tissue by converting glucose into energy that feeds muscle cells. Lean muscle mass is important, especially as you age. It helps you maintain your excellent posture, maintains bone health, and also burns calories!

5. Collagen Helps Your Liver Detox!

When you hear the word detox, it usually refers to your liver or kidneys, because that’s where you do 99% of your detoxing. Your skin doesn’t detox… That’s a myth.

As I mentioned earlier, collagen protein contains glycine, and glycine happens to be a precursor for Glutathione — the master antioxidant. High levels of Glutathione are important for detoxification through the liver, and things like heavy metal toxicity and pollution deplete levels of glutathione.

Studies showed that people with acne have up to 20% less glutathione than people with healthy skin. Enough said!

How To Get More Collagen

Though many creams contain collagen in them and claim to be anti-aging and smoothing and downright miracle-inducing… your skin doesn’t actually absorb stuff, it keeps it all out, so putting collagen ON your skin isn’t really all that beneficial.

The best way to give your skin nutrients and strength is through your mouth… That means that the best way to make sure that your skin gets the benefits of collagen protein is by ingesting it!

Bovine Collagen, from Organic and Grassfed Cows is far more bioavailable than any collagen you can get from food — it comes from cows and isn’t vegan.

To maximize the power of your collagen protein supplement, take it with vitamin C for optimal absorption and activation!

My favourite way to supplement with Collagen Protein is by adding two tablespoons of Hydrolyzed Organic, Grassfed Collagen Protein Powder to my morning buckwheat porridge. You can add it to anything because it’s tasteless — add it to your smoothies (no fruit!), soups, or chia seed pudding.

Don’t be surprised if your energy levels go WAY UP with this powerful combo!

What About Bone Broth?

You can boil bones for hours and make your own bone broth that’s full of collagen protein — an awesome solution for days when you feel like soup.

Bone broth makes a great soup base that you can eat alone, or you can add carrots, sweet potatoes, quinoa and whatever else you want to give the soup some texture.

I personally don’t do this, but I do sometimes order bone broth in restaurants… #getmeoutofthekitchen

Final Thoughts

I discovered Collagen Protein as an better alternative to whey protein, hemp protein, and pea protein…

Whey protein comes from dairy and makes the body acidic and inflamed, factors that definitely add to pimples. I noticed a correlation between the times I added whey to my smoothies and the amount of pimples I had.

Hemp and pea proteins are great vegan protein options if you’re living a plant-based lifestyle. However, my food sensitivities test revealed that I am sensitive to pea protein and I never quite liked the texture and graininess of hemp.

Collagen Protein has been a godsend because I don’t have any reactions to it, in fact my skin has gained some super-human healing abilities from it — it’s never healed as quickly as it does today.

Collagen protein doesn’t just heal you from the inside, it makes your skin incredible, and prevents aging. What else do you need?

You are loved,

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