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the dangers of putting food on your face, apple cider vinegar, papaya enzyme masks, lots of pimples, breaking out, acne, honey masks, natural skincare, edible ingredients are not safe, sensitive skin

Stop Putting Food On Your Face

The general public knows very little about skincare, and because of misinformation, they’ve forayed into natural skinc...
how to moisturize, why is my skin dry

You Are Moisturizing WRONG

Ugh… UUUUUGHHHHH!!!! Sorry, this topic kinda frustrates me… The skin care industry provided us with moisturizers...
is purging normal, purging with oils, what is purging, acne, breaking out, olena beley, toronto, bblogger

What Is Purging?

I encountered the term purging when I tried Jojoba Oil for the first time. I found myself experiencing an explosion of t...

Are Cosmetics Dangerous?

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