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how to find your purpose, clear skin, acne cure, pop the pimple, olena

Pimples Have Made You Selfish

I find that acne makes us extremely self-involved. All we start caring about is our appearance and our insecurities… T...
soy and acne, how soy affects skin, the dangers of eating soy

The Consequences Of Eating Soy

Today is all about soy and how it affects your skin and your health. A lot of people have been led to believe that soy i...
magnesium deficiency, clear skin, pop the pimple, olena

Are You Magnesium Deficient?

I know I talk a lot about the things you should GIVE UP for clear skin, but today is all about a mineral that EVERYBODY ...
how to moisturize, why is my skin dry

You Are Moisturizing WRONG

Ugh… UUUUUGHHHHH!!!! Sorry, this topic kinda frustrates me… The skin care industry provided us with moisturizers...
how to get clear skin, pop the pimple, chemical exfoliation for acne-prone skin

The Chemical Exfoliation Hack

If you’ve been struggling with acne for a long time, and you can’t seem to find a product or system that works for y...