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Pimples Have Made You Selfish

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I find that acne makes us extremely self-involved. All we start caring about is our appearance and our insecurities…

This doesn’t actually help you get clearer skin though because the more you focus on your flaws, the more flaws you get to focus on… That means, more likely than not, you’re creating more pimples by just being obsessed with them.

You look too closely at yourself in the mirror, and a lot of your mental space is reserved by pimple worries… But what about others?

Are you caring about other people when you’re so consumed with one aspect of yourself?

I found that in the climax of my acne journey, I was super obsessed with my skin — to the point where I didn’t want to see other people, I didn’t want to engage with them, have them looking at me…

I wanted to stay home and hide.

I know that you can probably relate.

The trouble with staying at home and hiding is that it’s extremely selfish. You’re not just hiding your face, you’re hiding your talents from everybody.

While I’m at home worrying about myself, I’m not out there CONTRIBUTING, serving, helping, sharing my energy… I’m not creating when I’m all consumed with my FACE.


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Imagine if every person in the world started hiding.

Imagine if Steve Jobs had been too insecure about his posture, and never wanted to be seen… Imagine he hid his talents and vision…

No MacBooks or iPhones… The HORROR!

It’s Not About You

What if instead of worrying what you can do for you, you started asking the question, what can I do for OTHERS?

As yourself, “How can I use my story, knowledge, personality, talents to help others?”

Imagine waking up in the morning unconcerned with yourself, instead, you wake up excited to go out there and make an impact on somebody ELSE.

Imagine what you could do if you freed up your mental space for other things…

How To Find Your Purpose

Have you ever lost track of time while doing something you enjoy?

I lose track of time when I’m in the process of writing, editing photos, painting, cooking, rollerblading… But also when I’m answering questions about skin, health, and wellness. When I’m sharing what I know. When I’m engrossed in a book I love. When I’m spending time with great people…

These moments have one thing in common. I’m doing something I love.

When you combine doing what gives you joy AND helping people, that is your PURPOSE. The ultimate sweet spot in life.

I know I feel more motivated in the morning when I start the day thinking about the people I can help, instead of thinking about myself.

Me, me, me is so last year… Actually, that’s me being generous. There’s never a good time to be completely self-involved.

Take this opportunity to think about what gives you joy, and how you can use that joy to serve others. I know you have some skill, story, talent that’s unique to you.

“But I’m not that special…”

Nobody has the same outlook, the same background, the same knowledge, or the same experiences as you. This means that what you have to share is VALUABLE.

Share it with the world — because that will make it better.

Don’t let pimples stop you from living your life with PURPOSE.

When you find your purpose, your anxiety, worry, sadness about the state of your skin and body will just disappear. I’ve totally forgotten about headaches or body aches as well as pimples while in the flow — creating something to be shared with other people.

You stop feeling your body when you’re being creative.

Trust that your skin will become secondary in your life instead of a glaring beacon of dread.

What you focus on expands. Imagine your focus was on your purpose, instead of your skin situation?

Imagine all the good you can do!

Imagine sharing your stories, your insights, your energy with somebody else, or even thousands of somebodies, nay MILLIONS of somebodies!

The amazing thing about all this, when you actually start focusing outward and helping others feel good — you will feel good.

By feeling good, you will heal. YOU WILL HEAL.

Your health, your skin, your life will unfold in a way that’s more amazing… because giving yourself, your energy, your talents to others is what we’re here for… and hiding is not.

Tell me what you enjoy doing and how you can help somebody else with your unique gifts!

You are super loved,


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