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The Best Protein For Clear Skin

I’ve heard of collagen, I knew that our skin was made of it, but there was a LOT I didn’t know! But the less we know, the less we do… Turns out that collagen is LORD protein — it is the most abundant protein in your body. It’s found in pret...
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soy and acne, how soy affects skin, the dangers of eating soy

The Consequences Of Eating Soy

Today is all about soy and how it affects your skin and your health. A lot of people have been led to believe that soy is actually a health food because of its relation to its pea cousin and a high protein content. A lot of vegan and vegetarian food ...
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Why Vitamin C Matters For AMAZING Skin

Antioxidants play an important role for clear skin. I’ve talked about other important antioxidants like glutathione and vitamin E, but another important antioxidant for clear skin is Vitamin C — I’d say it’s the most important water-soluble a...
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magnesium deficiency, clear skin, pop the pimple, olena

Are You Magnesium Deficient?

I know I talk a lot about the things you should GIVE UP for clear skin, but today is all about a mineral that EVERYBODY needs more of: magnesium!! This is my absolute favorite mineral — it’s my feel good mineral. I’ll let you know what yummy tr...
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