A Quick Fix For Acne : A Crisis In Mindset

Of course you want a quick fix for Acne, as did I. Unfortunately, no such thing exists. Curing Acne can only happen as delayed gratification… And cure is even the wrong word – successful management of Acne is more realistic, and completely p...
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Olena Beley, Luba Beley, Lviv, Ukraine, acne, genetic

Acne Is Genetic – Why Bother?

I’m certain that this thought goes through a lot of your minds. But is it true… Acne is genetic, what’s the point in trying to manage it? First a little about my genetic background… My mother (pictured above) has immaculate skin, ...
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Sigma E35 Blending Brush : Review

The Sigma E35 Tapered Blending brush has been my favourite eyeshadow brush since I got it for the first time about 7 years ago (I got the whole set) – an attempt to avoid splurging on MAC brushes, Sigma seemed like the reasonable way to go. IE3...
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