The One Workout Miracle

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I got made fun of a lot after working out, because I’d stand in the mirror the next day in awe saying things like, “Wow, I look so fit!” and “OMG, I’m so hot!” and “My abs look so much more defined!”

One friend jokingly called it “the ONE workout miracle.”

I would see results after ONE workout. Sometimes, I’d see these results instantly…But the best was the very next morning, after a good night’s rest after that awesome workout session.

Some would say that it takes more than one workout to see a result and that it’s all in my head. People, in general, think that you must work hard to get results!

Who’s right?

All of us!

Whatever belief you hold, is a belief that inevitably turns into your reality.

So if I believe that one workout session will make a HUGE difference, then it will. If you believe that you need to workout 6 times a week to see a result, then you will only see the result if you work out 6 times a week.

It’s that simple.

What you believe about you and your circumstance (be it your skin) is TRUE.

Do you believe that your skin trouble is because of your genes? Do you believe that you can never have clear skin? That it’s not in your cards? That you’ve tried everything and nothing works?


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This will be your reality.

Do you believe that acne is a signal to your body to love yourself more? Do you believe that pimples can be dealt with and that you have the power to make a real change for yourself?

This will be your reality.

Do you believe that acne is a struggle? Or an opportunity for real change, transformation, and growth?

Whatever you believe will be exactly what you experience.

When I believed that acne was a struggle, it was a struggle, and I struggled. I gave energy to the struggle and made it REAL for me just by having the belief.

When I started believing that I had clear skin and stopped paying attention to the pimples, the pimples stopped appearing. I didn’t give the pimples energy and instead focused on things that made me happy. Clear skin became real for me.

Your beliefs matter because they produce a frame through which you see and experience EVERYTHING. So if your frame is coming from a place of fear, then all you’ll see are obstacles (or pimples).

But if your frame is coming from a place of love, then all you’ll see is beauty.

The good news is, you can change your limiting beliefs once you become aware of them.

Instead of believing that you’re doomed, you can believe that you’re LUCKY. Instead of cursing your skin, you can begin loving it and being grateful for it.

You can CHOOSE your beliefs about yourself.

Think about who you want to be and ascribe beliefs to yourself that SERVE you. Is it possible that some beliefs you have about yourself, aren’t even yours?

You can choose whatever you want to believe about yourself, because that which you believe will become your reality. Your beliefs will be a frame from which you see and experience EVERYTHING. So be very choosy…

For example…

Instead of being picky, you can be selective — because you allow only the best into your life.

Instead of being unlucky, you can be a magnet for magic — because you attract magic anywhere you go.

Instead of being anxious, you can be unstoppable — because nothing can stop you, so what’s the use in worrying?

Instead of being bored, you can be looking for inspiration — because inspiration is everywhere for you.

Instead of there not being any good men out there, you can believe that your perfect match is out there searching for you — because he is ready for you and wants you and will feel like the luckiest man in the world when he’s around you.

Instead of struggling with acne, you can be healing — because you are on a journey of self-growth and major improvement!

I have some pretty, what some might consider, outlandish beliefs about myself…Here’s the tip of the iceberg:

I believe I’m ageless, beautiful, strong, superhuman, tall, creative, clear-skinned, extremely happy…I also believe that my life is unfolding perfectly without me needing to force things. I believe in perfect timing and effortless harmony.

I believe that I’m a traveler. I believe that I’m always safe. I believe that I’m charming and can make friends easily. I believe that my wishes come true. I believe that I can do anything. I believe I have a message I need to share.

I believe that joy attracts more joy. I believe that I am worthy of the very best life has to offer. I believe I am a magnet for prosperity. I believe that money comes easily to me, seemingly out of thin air. I believe that I am super loved.

I believe we are all one. I believe that any conflict can be solved without raised voices or bruised egos. I believe there is beauty everywhere. I believe that every moment is perfect. I believe in going with the flow. I believe that there’s nothing to fix.

I believe that flaws are only flaws in perception, and that everything is actually perfect as it is.

Ok…I danced around my most important belief about myself. This next one I’m about to share is actually harder to write than it should be…probably because it rubs people the wrong way and comes with a lot of baggage.

I believe that I am perfect.

There, I said it.

Why was that so hard?

Because a lot of people believe in flaws — that we’re all flawed! And when someone is so crazy as to state that they are perfect, as is the case here, it drives them nuts.

“What an arrogant girl! She thinks she’s PERFECT!? How dare she be so bold and LOVE HERSELF SO MUCH?!”

This belief was the most difficult one for be to integrate into my identity…Because I grew up believing that I was deeply flawed. I looked for flaws everywhere I could within myself. There was always something I wanted to fix or alter within myself.

I was never good enough.

It took a lot of getting to know myself, reading a lot of books, and having a lot of experiences, to finally come to the realization that there are only things to fix, if I believe there are things to fix. So there’s nothing to fix.

It was the most beautiful experience of my life…to finally let go of the belief that there’s something wrong with me.

I started looking at my ‘flaws’ as my unique traits, traits that shaped me, that helped me become the person I am today. I started being grateful for and accepting of these unique traits instead of resisting them.

I felt liberated. I felt happy. I finally felt whole.

I am not unique in my perfection though. You are perfect too. You have nothing to fix.

Do you believe me?
You should.

My extremely positive beliefs about myself not only help me live a more fulfilling life, they also add to my high self-esteem and self-love.

Everyone of us needs high-self esteem and total self-love and positive beliefs become a self-fulfilling prophecy, but so do negative or limiting beliefs — so drop them from your identity or find a positive spin on them.

Your every cell is listening to you. Make sure then, that you are sending yourself incredible messages of love and healing so that you can be your absolute best self.

I’ve literally been able to grow a centimeter this year because I wanted to be taller, and believed I was 173cm and not 172cm. I’m 28, and my growth spurt kinda fizzled at age 13…Or did it?

So does the One Workout Miracle work?

I went to play Padel with my boyfriend last week, it’s a sport similar to tennis, but a lot more fun — it was our only exercise session all week. If you haven’t tried Padel, you should! It’s seriously the most fun way to workout. You get tons of cardio because you’re running around so much, and you use muscles in your body that you didn’t know you had…

The next morning, before we even got out of bed, he says, “You look hotter today. What did you do?”

Then I told him about the One Workout Miracle, and now he’s a believer.