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Acne Is A Blessing: Lessons I Learned From Having Acne

Acne is not all bad.

Say what?!

Acne is not as bad as it seems. I actually think that there are benefits to being acne-prone, or going through Acne, and here’s why.

Acne-prone skin gives you perspective. If you never knew bad skin, would you really appreciate good skin? It gives you a reference point against which to measure.

Acne-prone skin teaches you to rely on personality more than looks, and so you value other people who bring substance to the table. I’m sure you read a lot, and have tons of opinions, and probably a great sense of humor – all of which lend itself to a more fulfilling life!

Acne teaches you useful life skills like how to:

  • be disciplined – to be consistent in spite of everything – no quitting, results will come!
  • be patient – you know all about delayed gratification because Rome wasn’t built in a day, and Acne wasn’t cured with a miracle pill.
  • have a thick skin – somebody made fun of you at one point or another, and you learned that somebody else’s opinion has no bearing on your happiness.
  • take yourself less seriously – you’re not perfect, big deal!
  • focus on the good stuff – at least you have beautiful eyes, a beautiful smile, and a lovelier spirit!
  • take your health seriously – obviously your skin is telling you something needs to change!
  • be observant– to look for cause and effect, monitoring your progress carefully, and monitoring what you do for or against yourself so you can adjust.
  • be more compassionate – you can feel others’ pain, you can relate to your fellow man because you’ve felt sad/bad/uncomfortable/paranoid/frustrated/self-conscious before too.
  • appreciate the small stuff – one clear cheek, one huge victory! Yay!
  • keep learning – there’s always more to know, so you keep asking questions and getting answers

That list is already way longer than you expected… But there’s more!

An acne-prone body will be quicker to react to imbalances (whether emotional, hormonal, nutritional) so you can fix the problem before it gets out of hand. You see it on your face!

For instance, after having a blood test done I found out that my cholesterol was high for my age. Incidentally, I was eating a ton of sugar, which throws off blood sugar balance, insulin in the blood, and results in high cholesterol. Would I have made this connection without Acne? Or would I have continued eating tons of sugar and ruining my arteries in the process?

Someone with clear skin, who doesn’t have to worry about what they ingest, won’t know until it’s too late. Acne is like an alarm that something is off!


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The moral of the story is that Acne gets a bad rep because we like to focus on the wrong thing. So forget that your skin is imperfect, and remember how it’s made you a better person.

Embrace and love your acne-prone skin for all that it has done for you!

I love this expression, and I’ll use it again: ‘When you change the way you look at things, the things you look at change’…

With Love,


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