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I Was Obsessed With My Reflection

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I was obsessed with my own reflection. But not in the, “You’re so beutiful, I love you so much!” kind of way…

I would often find myself literally with my face less than an inch from the mirror, inspecting every pore up close!

This kind of inspection contributed to my inability to stop touching my face…Read about why touching your face is a terrible idea here.

The Mirror Was Not My Friend

With my face pressed up against the mirror, it was IMPOSSIBLE not to find a tiny whitehead or blackhead that I wanted to DESTROY…I’d turn tiny problems into HUGE wounds!

The mirror and skin destruction just went together…And it made me feel increasingly worse about myself. The more I didn’t like what I saw, the more I’d destroy.

Then something happened. While traveling, I didn’t have time to examine my face at length from every angle because I had things to do and people to see…I found myself spending almost no time in front of the mirror…

Guess what?

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My skin improved. It finally had the space to actually heal without my constant interference!

But there’s more! I also felt so much BETTER about myself! I had a much-needed break from criticizing and obsessing over every pore, and it felt great!

I started implementing this when I got home from my trip. I wouldn’t get too close to a mirror, and I would only use the mirror to wash my face and apply products.

It’s Time For A Mirror Detox

You might be wondering…

What’s a Mirror Detox?

A Mirror Detox is you taking a break from the mirror…Detoxing from a mirror means you have to stop looking at yourself, especially as closely as you have been.

Don’t get any closer to the mirror than the very edge of your sink. Do not lean into your mirror! Pores don’t look that amazing close-up, so even if your skin is AMAZING, you’ll still find something to hate on.

Don’t give yourself the extra ammunition…

When you stand back from the mirror and stop relying on it so much, you can focus more on the person that you want to be instead of the person that’s in front of you. Then the person that’s in front of you can grow into the person you want to be.

This is a small, but VALUABLE trick that I think every woman should implement for at least a week or two.

Trust in your beauty without needing to prove it in a mirror all the time. Free yourself of your reflection. You’ll find that you’ll become less self-conscious and more self-confident. Instead of adding to the problem by picking at whatever imperfection you can only see when your face is glued to the mirror, you’ll actually give your skin SPACE to heal.

Watching a pot boil will not make the water boil any faster…Just as watching your every pore will not make your skin heal any faster.

This simple practice has been awesome for my skin, so let me know how the Mirror Detox works for you!


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