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Good night with Jamieson ProVitamina A Retinol Renewal Night Cream – Review

Jamieson, ProVitamina A, Retinol, Night Cream, anti-aging


Jamieson, ProVitamina A, Retinol Renewal, retinol night cream, night cream, anti-aging

I’ve always been interested in (obsessed with..) anti-aging, and the anti-aging ingredient is Retinol. It is clinically proven as the most effective in fighting, nay, erasing signs of aging and it dramatically improves the skin. I’m a little young to be using the real hardcore retinol in my routine, so I opted for a gentler version in the Jamieson ProVitamina A Retinol Renewal Night Cream. It has a thick texture that reminds me of the Clarins Hydraquench for normal to dry skin. I always lightly spray my face with a thermal water before applying any moisturizer for an easier application and to seal in that moisture. It seems to be working, since I always wake up with a fresh, hydrated face. When the weather is exceptionally cold and severe, I even layer it under my Bioderma Hydrabio Light cream for extra protection from the elements. It’s quite inexpensive, considering that you get 120ml of product. My only qualm is of course the packaging. I hate putting my finger in there, but this can be solved with the use of a q-tip.It doesn’t clog pores either.

It’s been around two years since I’ve started using this cream, and it’s exceptional.  The other day, an 18-year-old guy thought I was his peer.. maybe it’s working?

x Olena

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