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Clear skin with Acne.org Treatment – Review


Daniel Kern Treatment, BP, Benzoyl Peroxide, acne, skin care

Daniel Kern Treatment, acne.org treatment, bp, benzoyl peroxide, acne skin care, acne treatment

Daniel Kern, Treatment, Acne.org, label, ingredients

I used to have horrible skin. It started around age 13, and went on for about 8 years. Those years involved a lot of research and experimentation with skin care to find what worked. I tried everything from Proactive (2-3 years) to natural oils.  It was when I switched to Acne.org’s products that I began to see a difference. Daniel Kern, the creator of Acne.org created a three-step regimen, similar to Proactive, but less expensive, more gentle and more effective. It includes a cleanser, a treatment, and a moisturizer. There’s also a fourth optional product, an AHA Cream. I will be reviewing these products in the near future, since I have used them for about three years now. Today I will be talking about the one product that still remains in my skin care routine from Daniel Kern’s line – the Treatment. I apply it under my moisturizer every day.

Acne.org’s Treatment is a 2.5% pharmaceutical grade Benzoyl Peroxide solution. It goes on clear, and is easily absorbed by the skin.  It is antibacterial and kills acne causing bacteria by releasing oxygen deep into the pore. It also dries the skin, which makes moisturizing imperative. Benzoyl Peroxide is a very effective acne fighting ingredient.  The difference between Daniel Kern’s version and the Proactive or over-the-counter ones is that it comes in a huge quantity (472 ml or 16 oz) for an amazing price ($32.03) and it’s pharmaceutical grade, which means that the molecules are smaller, and penetrate deeper.  The bottle lasts for a little over a year with daily generous use.

Quantity and Price Comparison:

Proactive Repairing Lotion 118 ml/4 oz = $20-43.00  (2.7-5.9 ml/$1)

Neutrogena On-the-Spot Acne Treatment 22 ml/0.75 oz  = $5.99  (3.7 ml/$1)

Acne.org Treatment 472 ml/16 oz = $32.o3  (14.7 ml/$1)

If you’re looking for a benzoyl peroxide product, Dan’s 2.5% BP Treatment is truly superior to others and you get more bang for the buck..


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