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My 30 Day Jojoba Oil Experiment On Acne-Prone Skin

Oh Jojoba Jojoba…

Imagine you had a lifelong enemy, someone who caused you a lot of pain and hurt…You hadn’t seen them in years but the mere mention of them made you scowl

When you finally met again, instead of feeling pain, you were overwhelmed with joy! Turns out they weren’t your enemy, after all, you were hormonal and crazy and made it all up. In fact, you were your own enemy!

This describes my relationship with Jojoba Oil.

I read a lot about Jojoba’s wonderful hydration and balancing properties when I first heard about it about 7 years ago. I was hopeful then, and really wanted Jojoba to cure my face of acne. Instead, Jojoba Oil ruined my skin – or so I thought.

Those were dark days. I was in the dark about the cause of my acne. I thought I just had to have a good skin care routine, so I continued to eat foods that made me look and feel bad.

My diet was the worst during my University years, and it’s no coincidence that I needed three-hour naps every day to recover from all the sugar, gluten and dairy I was ingesting.

My diet was the worst during my University years, and it’s no coincidence that I needed three-hour naps every day to recover from all the sugar, gluten and dairy I was ingesting.

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My energy levels were low, my skin was a mess, and I did it to myself.

When I switched from Proactive (*face palm*) to Jojoba Oil, it’s no surprise that it didn’t work to cure my skin. I think that’s when I got the most realistic look at my acne – acne that wasn’t hidden by Benzoyl Peroxide – and I didn’t like it!

My Acne After Trying Jojoba Oil and Almond Oil for the first time.

It was devastating to discover such horrible skin especially at an age where you just want to be pretty. I really wanted to be pretty because I grew up with acne, and glasses, and braces and head gear! Character building started early!

When would the ugly duckling turn into a swan?

Well, the ugly duckling had to grow up and realize that treating her body like a garbage disposal wasn’t the way to beauty.

It wasn’t easy to reform. Don’t think that I just made the realization and changed over night – oh no…it took YEARS.

I went from eating pasta, candy, dairy, bread, cake and cookies every day to quitting gluten, dairy, coffee and on my way to eating almost no processed sugar.

I revamped my life, and started caring about myself. Food is now fuel and nutrition, not just a mindless exercise in face-stuffing.

I attribute my current health mainly to food, but also to my lifestyle. I exercise, I sleep enough, I surround myself with inspiring people, and I’m focused on the big picture – my life and goals matter to me.

Though I’m healthy, I was using the same skin care routine as I did when I had acne.

My skin care routine was a constant in my life, a good habit that I developed. I didn’t think there was anything wrong with it – technically there wasn’t.

But why use skin care intended for curing acne when you don’t have acne?

It was a nice realization, actually. I’m done with acne, so how do I maintain my skin now?

I always wanted the simplest possible skin care routine – as close to doing nothing as possible. I also always dreamed of having a natural skin care routine. Frankly, I was tired of having to constantly research every single ingredient in every product I intended to buy.

I did that for years and I was done.

It was finally time to try Jojoba Oil again, as an adult who took great care of herself.

I was ready – and talking to Tracy Raftl of The Love Vitamin just cemented it for me. Tracy cured her acne by being healthy, and with natural skin care (honey and jojoba oil) and her acne was even worse than mine.

I was healthy – why not put Jojoba Oil to the test?

Here’s the breakdown of how my skin care routine has changed in order to test out Jojoba Oil in the first week, notice how I’m not rushing the experience and just using Jojoba twice a day. I started slowly, evenings only:


  • I wash my face with warm water and honey, splash my face with cold water and apply one small pump of Bioderma Hydrabiomoisturizer onto my damp face.


  • I wash my face with Bioderma and sometimes follow with Manuka honey as a mask. When I wash the mask off, I leave my face wet and apply a drop of Jojoba Oil to my entire face. The drop is smaller than the tip of my pinky.
  • In the past I washed my makeup off with one of these two Bioderma cleansers (1 and 2), applied this Paula’s Choice toner, then applied Benzoyl Peroxide, then either the Bioderma or Jamiesonmoisturizer (depending on the dryness of my skin).
 Normally my skin reacts to products 1-3 days after a product is used. Well, it’s been 7 days of using Jojoba in the evening before bed, and 4 days of using Jojoba Oil twice a day and I haven’t had any new pimples.

My mind is blown.

I was a real sceptic of natural skin care, I thought that only people with naturally good skin could use Jojoba Oil to moisturize. As an ex-enemy of Jojoba Oil, I’m surprised at how well it’s working so far.

This post is presumptuous, I know. I will test Jojoba Oil for an entire month before recommending it to you. Don’t rush to try it yet!

There’s a huge caveat though.

If your diet is off, if your hormones are unbalanced, if you’re experiencing a lot of stress, aren’t sleeping enough and have acne as a result, Jojoba is not going to help you.

I repeat this message all the time, but if you have acne, you have to learn to take better care of yourself PERIOD.

A lot of people have a lot of opinions on Jojoba Oil. Some say it’s the best thing for any kind of skin, others say it breaks them out. I wanted to try it out for real – 30 whole days on Jojoba Oil!

I decided to film every day of the first two weeks of my experience on Jojoba Oil for you so that you can see what I went through, and what to expect if you want to try it.

You can watch my Jojoba Oil Diary below – it’s a bit of an emotional roller coaster.

My Jojoba Oil Video Diary

Day 1 On Jojoba Oil

This video was filmed after trying the Jojoba Oil before bed for the first night. I used Jojoba once a day, every night for the first week. I explain why I decided to quit Benzoyl Peroxide and try Jojoba Oil instead.

Day 2 On Jojoba Oil

I was extremely excited with the results on Day 2.

Day 3 On Jojoba Oil

I was on moving and traveling on Day 3, but there were no significant changes yet from Jojoba Oil on my skin. I still really liked Jojoba by the third day.

Day 4 On Jojoba Oil

Day 5 On Jojoba Oil

By the fifth day, I was fearing that I was destined to a life of Benzoyl Peroxide – but I’m secretly tempted to give up on Jojoba Oil.

Day 6 On Jojoba Oil

Everybody warns you about the Jojoba Oil ‘Purge’…Is the so-called Jojoba ‘Purge’ real?

Day 7 On Jojoba Oil

Getting nervous around this time..

Day 8 On Jojoba Oil

Day 9 On Jojoba Oil 

Day 10 On Jojoba Oil 

Day 11 On Jojoba Oil

My skin has gotten worse at this point.

Day 12 On Jojoba Oil

This is where things got extremely difficult for me.

Day 13 On Jojoba Oil

 Day 14 On Jojoba Oil

Day 16 On Jojoba Oil

Day 17 On Jojoba Oil


The rest of the videos are coming soon to this page.

The rest of the videos are coming soon to this page.

Final Thoughts

The jury is still out as to the best way to use Jojoba Oil. It’s recommended that you use 2-3 drops for your whole face. I’m using just 1-2, and I’m not sure what works best yet.

The other concern I have is how to rid myself of congested pores, hard little comedones. I’d like the Jojoba to clear them out, and avoid using any other products (like Apple Cider Vinegar toner or sugar/soda exfoliator).

My skin went from being smooth to being bumpy on the top of my forehead and on my cheeks. My nose is pretty congested too…

I’m going to go two whole weeks without exfoliating to see what my face is going to look like without intervention. If my skin is still congested in week 3, then I will look into natural exfoliators to see if there’s a way to remedy the situation

Trying Jojoba is an extremely nerve wrecking experiment for me, but at least I’ll know once and for all if Jojoba works on extremely sensitive, acne-prone skin. All my other products are staying the same, I’m not introducing anything else into my routine – just Jojoba Oil.

Stay tuned for more about Jojoba Oil!

With Love,


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  • Connie
    this hurts. it was like watching a movie and the cable got disconnected at the final twist I had been anticipating. most importantly, I need to feel as if someone's purging with me, I need to know what happens at the end of your story, oh cable, WHY DID YOU GO OUT ON ME. I, too, am doing the 30 day jojoba expirement, I need to know if there's a light at the end of the tunnel! I will be staying tuned, hoping for an update soon. I can't take the suspense any longer.

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