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Bourjois Healthy Mix Serum – Foundation Review

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bourjois healthy mix serum, foundation, review

bourjois healthy mix serum, foundation, review

bourjois healthy mix serum, foundation, review

bourjois healthy mix serum, foundation, review

I wasn’t sure about this foundation until I put it to the ultimate test. I wore it on the day I was travelling from Lviv to Toronto with a two hour layover in Warsaw. I don’t know about you, but my skin gets very dehydrated on planes, and by the end the foundation rubs off and whatever is left looks dry and chalky. I wore this foundation for about 18 hours, and my skin looked normal – not too shiny, not at all dry. The texture of the Healthy Mix Serum is quite light and gel based, and it goes on quite sheer, but blends beautifully and looks very natural. I wore concealer under it, and powder over it for the perfect coverage. I’m very happy that this foundation doesn’t emphasize lines or pores or dry spots. The only flaw I can see is that it isn’t matte. I would describe it as a dewy finish foundation, and I think it would be amazing in the winter when the skin really lacks moisture.  I haven’t had any problems with breakouts with this foundation or any other Buorjois Foundation that I’ve used in the past (10 Hour Sleep Effect, Healthy Mix, Flower Perfection).

Comparing the following Buorjois foundations with Healthy Mix Serum Gel Foundation:

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10 Hour Sleep Effect – about the same texture,glowy and dewy, face tends to shine throughout the day, light coverage, makes a better illuminator than foundation because of the micro shimmer.

Healthy Mix – heavier, less moisturizing, medium coverage, shows a little dryness, can look chalky if your skin is dry, not as natural looking.

Flower Perfection – much heavier, has sunscreen, mattifying/drying (great for oily skin), clings to dryness, not as natural but has amazing coverage and I really like it’s staying power. Feels like you’re wearing foundation.

bourjois healthy mix serum, foundation, review, swatch, number 51, 51, shade, comparsion, 10 hour sleep effect, flower perfection, healthy mix

From left to right: Flower Perfection, Healthy Mix, Healthy Mix Serum, 10 Hour Sleep Effect (all in 51)

I use all of these depending on what I need. When my skin is dry or is going to experience a drying environment, I like Healthy Mix Serum. When it’s hot, and my skin is oily but I want better coverage then I like Flower Perfection because it tones down the oiliness. When I need to look picture perfect for a long time, then I mix Flower Perfection and either Healthy Mix or Healthy Mix serum together (depending on the amount of moisture I feel I need).  A little trick I use is to mix foundations. I almost never straight up use one on its own.. that’s no fun! I tailor the foundation to my needs, and these three (excluding 10 Hour Sleep Effect because it’s more of an illuminator) are great options to cover all my bases.

x Olena

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