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Should I Pop My Pimple?

This article just had to be written given the name of this blog. To pop or not to pop, seems to be the question no matter how obvious the answer might be. I’ll be super honest with you. I love popping my own pimples… and there was a time when I w...
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What Is Purging?

I encountered the term purging when I tried Jojoba Oil for the first time. I found myself experiencing an explosion of tiny white bumps on my forehead, an area of my face on which I never really broke out. The internet explained that purging on Jojo...
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How I Moisturize For Clear Skin

Keeping the skin hydrated is extremely important. I know that my skin hated me when I didn’t moisturize it for a month during my ‘water method’ experiment. In my previous article I showed you How To Moisturize Like A Pro – wha...
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