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Bioderma Light Cream a Godsend – Moisturizer Review

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When I’m eating something, like say a delicious hotdog.. I might say “Wow, there’s nothing better than this hotdog!”, to which my boyfriend will smartly reply “Yes, there is – TWO hotdogs.”  He always points out that two is better than one..

So what’s better than one Bioderma Hydrabio Light Cream? TWO! That’s right, I always have a minimum of two in case I should run out of this unbelievable product.  I should mention that my skin is quite choosy with products – a little bit of an understatement. If it deems a product unworthy, it will show. I can’t even begin to list all the moisturizers I have tried, none of which helped with my dehydrated and .. I’ll say this once, and then I’ll never mention the word ‘acne’ again.. acne-prone skin. Most products just kind of sat on my skin, not moisturizing but blocking pores. I found a really moisturizing one by Daniel Kern, but he changed the formula, and I was back to my hunt. I read about every moisturizer out there and tried a lot, only to anger my skin.  Finally, I decided to give this product a try. To my relief, my flaky angered skin turned normal! I soon realized that my previous HG Daniel Kern moisturizer had caused minimal break-outs, which this product did not, so my skin actually cleared after the switch.  I’ve gone through about 10 bottles of this so far, so I can definitely recommend it!  Thank you Bioderma for saving my skin! An added bonus is that it acts as a great base for foundation. This Bioderma Hydrabio moisturizer comes in two versions: light and rich. The reason I recommend the light version only, is because the rich one contains mineral oil.

A little secret: I lightly spray my face with Avene’s Eau Thermale before applying moisturizer. The skin has to be moist in order for the moisturizer to seal in that moisture. Plus, the skin doesn’t tug as the moisturizer is rubbed in. Premature wrinkles? Not for us.

x Olena

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