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Acne Is Genetic – Why Bother?

Olena Beley, Luba Beley, Lviv, Ukraine, acne, genetic

I’m certain that this thought goes through a lot of your minds. But is it true…

Acne is genetic, what’s the point in trying to manage it?

First a little about my genetic background…

My Mom and I in Lviv circa 2012, Luba Beley, Olena Beley
My Mom and I in Lviv, Ukraine – July, 2012

My mother (pictured above) has immaculate skin, while my father has large pores and goes through phases of Adult Acne.

My mother’s diet and lifestyle are much better than my father’s, she maintains a skincare routine, eats a low sugar diet, and barely ages. My father drinks milk, eats sour cream and fried meat, loves dessert, stresses a lot, and has been aging since his early twenties.

I have my father’s blue eyes and acne-prone skin, but I don’t follow his lifestyle.

Olena Loves, Olena Beley, Is Acne Caused by Genes, Genes and Acne (1 of 1)-3
My father and I in Rab, Croatia – August, 2012

Let’s look at it like this… 

Some people are genetically predisposed to obesity, but it doesn’t mean that they have to be obese. I gain muscle more easily than most, but it doesn’t mean I have to walk around looking like a bodybuilder.

You and I are genetically predisposed to overactive sebaceous glands, and our skin has trouble clearing them out, but it doesn’t mean that we have to have full-fledged, ugly Acne.

I really believe in personal responsibility. We are completely responsible for ourselves – from our mood (He ruined my mood!) to our skin (I have Acne because my dad had Acne!).

I don’t like making excuses because choices are too wonderful.


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I love feeling empowered to choose, and to create the life I want to have.

He didn’t ruin my mood because I didn’t let him – I chose to smile instead of scowl.

I might be predisposed to Acne, but I’m going to address the underlying issues and fix them.

It would be easier just to accept my genes as the reason for everything, and let Acne happen to me…But that would render me powerless! Hell. No.

Choices… Responsibility… Big words, bigger concepts!

You’re making a choice every morning and evening to wash your face properly or to skip your routine. You make a choice with respect to working out, sleeping well, and eating well.

If you’re going to choose pizza over organic chicken breast with vegetables, then your face might just look like a pizza… If you’re going to start the day with a bowl of sugary cereal, then your face might look like a bowl of sugary cereal?!

Diet choices are extremely important. Not only should you nourish your body properly so that you feel good, have tons of energy, and are ready to succeed in your day; you should also nourish your body so that you look healthy.

By diet I don’t mean calorie-counting (even though, let’s be honest, a little calorie restriction is proven to extend your life). By diet I mean nutritional food choices.

Your food should fuel you, not poison you.

With so much inexpensive processed food available to us, it’s often hard to opt for the healthier alternative. Even the supposed healthy options are loaded with hidden sugars…Low-fat usually means more sugar (to overcompensate).

A great example of our biggest food foible is dairy. We eat dairy, thinking that it’s good for us without considering what is actually in our milk (hormones, antibiotics) and how it affects our bodies. Dairy can really mess with your system – most people have some kind of dairy sensitivity anyway. I only discovered mine in my early twenties.

I love tasty food (and used to drink milk every day!), but taste isn’t enough anymore – I want my food to maintain my health. I choose health.

The more I research, the more convinced I become that diet, health, and Acne are closely tied (diet & lifestyle = health = Acne).

By improving your overall health, and treating yourself well, Acne will become a distant reality.

So is Acne genetic?

Genes are a factor in causing Acne, but Acne isn’t caused by just one thing – Acne is often a reflection of choices, so doing nothing is not an option.

If you want to have clear skin (and be healthy), start by surveying what you eat and how you feel.

These are just some signs that you need to take action:

  • Are you tired in the afternoon? A possible vitamin B12 deficiency.
  • Is your skin dry? A possible Zinc deficiency, dehydration, lacking healthy dietary fats like Omega-3, olive oil, avocado, nuts and seeds…
  • Are you an insomniac? A possible vitamin D deficiency, too much stress in your life, you are too creative 😉
  • Do you get headaches? A likely Magnesium deficiency, or your prescription is out of date and you need new glasses, or you’re simply dehydrated. Try: a glass of lemon water with a dash of Himalayan sea salt.
  • Do you have acne? You might be stressed, don’t sleep enough, eat a poor diet (too much sugar/refined carbs, dairy, processed food), use the wrong products, are vitamin/mineral deficient, have a hormonal imbalance etc.

See your naturopath, and get your blood work done. You can learn a lot from it!

My doctor found that I have extremely high cholesterol and told me to eat less delicious fatty foods. Thing is, I don’t eat much fatty food – so he was wrong. 

Upon some more research I found that a high sugar diet is linked with high cholesterol…And I used to eat desserts with every meal and breakout often…There’s always a cause for the effect. For this reason, I’m now seeing a Naturopath instead of a regular doctor.

I’ve adjusted, and my skin has improved despite my genes.

Are you making good choices?

With Love,


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